Voladores, the photography project I started to work in 2010 finally came out in Mexico in December 2014. The book is about a ritual-dance practiced by nahuatl people from the Sierra Norte of Puebla. Its publication was sponsored by Fundación Mary Street Jenkins and published by Editorial Meristemo.

Voladores was edited by Ximena de la Macorra and designed by Jorge Sandoval. A 160 pages, and large format 12 by 15 1/5 inches hard cover, the hard book was printed by Toppan in Hong Kong on 250 grs. matte paper.



The Mary Street Jenkins foundation donated 1000 books to the governor of Puebla so it can be distributed among public libraries and institutions of the state where the voladores ritual dance is practiced.

The Voladores project involved the generous collaboration of many, from friends and colleagues to people of the Sierra Norte of Puebla, without them this work could have never been produced. I would like to express my gratitude to all of them, especially to Peggy and Mariel Jenkins from the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation, to Ximena de la Macorra and Jorge Sandoval, the publisher and the designer book.