The New Press


8 x 10, 184 pages

This photography work depicts the transgender culture in Mexico. More than a visual research, Bordered Lives is an intimate portrait of the lives of six people in Mexico City that transisioned to a different gender than the one they assigned at birth. The photographs were taken during 2013 and 2014. The book has an introduction by Susan Stryker and a prologue by Mexican writer Guillermo Osorno.

On paper, Mexico has an advance legislation that benefits the LGBT movement. Same sex marriage is been legalize in Mexico City ahead of many states in the United States. Nevertheless, in reality the country is a very conservative nation where discrimination and abuses are committed every day to transsexual people. Transphobia runs high in Mexico and any transgender person is at risk of suffering any form of violence, from harassment to physical damage.

Jurek Wajdowicz was art director for the project and EWS studio responsible for its design. Bordered Lives was possible thanks to the generous support of Jon Stryker and the ARCUS Foundation.


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