Kike Arnal is a photographer and videographer who has produced essays in the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. His photographs have been published in The New York Times, National Geographic, Life and Mother Jones among othersArnal directed and produced several documentaries, including a short film for Discovery Channel Canada about a malaria epidemic among indigenous people in a remote area of the northern Amazon. In April 2011, Kike had a solo photography exhibit at the United Nations in New York City and in Geneva, Switzerland about the impact of cluster bombs on civilians.

Arnal has published three documentary photo books. In The Shadow of Power  (Edizioni Charta, 2010) is a book about poverty and wealth discrepancy in Washington D.C. Voladores [“The Flyers”] (Editorial Meristemo, 2014) is a large-format book documenting a pre-Hispanic indigenous ritual dance in Mexico. Bordered Lives (The New Press, 2015) focuses on transgender culture in Mexico City.

Kike has worked for a wide range of commercial and non for profit clients, including Leo Burnett, Coca-Cola, LAN Airlines, ARCUS Foundation, The World Bank and the United Nations. 


  •  Afroperú, solo exhibition at Virgilio Barco Library. Bogotá, Colombia 2014
  •  Afroperú, solo exhibition in the Museo de la Nación. Lima, Peú.
  •  Surviving Cluster Bombs, a photographic exhibit at the 13th International Meeting of National Program Directors and United Nations Advisors. Geneva, Switzerland 2010
  •  In The Shadow Of Power, solo exhibition at the Columbia University School of Social Work, New York City 2009
  • Mass Produced Terror, a photographic exhibition about mine-action related images. United Nations, New York 2008
  • Miradas de Tierra Adentro, solo exhibition of thirty five 60 by 40 inches size photographs of Venezuelans at the Museo del Hombre Venezolano y su Ambiente. Fundación La Salle. Caracas 2008
  • Bethlehem Under Siege: The Decline of Christianity at its Birthplace a series of portraits taken in the Christian community of Bethlehem, Palestine at The Jerusalem Fund, Washington D.C. 2008
  • In The Shadow of Power solo exhibiton and lecture at The Half King, New York City 2007
  • Underground Music A photography exhibit at FCB-Draft, New York City 2007
  • Moving Walls 12 a group photography exhibition at the Open Society Institute in New York City 2006
  • II Bienal de Fotografía Venezolana Daniela Chappard. Exhibition at the Museo de Bellas Artes. Caracas, Venezuela 2003